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Irregularity Handling

We are convinced of the fact that we can make a lasting and favourable impression on passengers and invariably, our client airlines. Our staff are well trained and motivated to apply initiative, natural talent and skill in handling special customers circumstance. 


We cater for both the crew and passengers during irregular circumstances ensuring that their needs are satisfied as always. With our professional touch, friendly staff, respect for cultural diversity and speedy response to passengers' needs, we ensure that passengers experiences ease using our designated airports. 

In the event of flight cancellations or major delays requiring passenger welfare, we arrange the following on behalf of the carrier:

  • Liaison with tour operators if charter operations carrying tourists
  • Transportation of passengers from Airport to Hotel and back
  • Hotel accommodation for the crew and passengers
  • Hotel, Restaurant and bar expenses coordination for the passengers (passenger welfare management).

We are proud to serve  you round the clock with care having in mind the fundamental customer service principles as the driving forces to meet the needs of our customers.


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