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Representation and Passenger Handling

At Air Rep Service, we provide the most efficient customer friendly passenger handling services, which include: Automated Check-in, Gate/Boarding, Baggage Tracking, Interline and Hospitality Facility (VIP Lounge).


  •  Among the services we provide are:
  •  Automated Check-in (Own AXS-Control DCS system check-in or manual check-in available)
  •  Gate/Boarding
  •  Baggage Sorting
  •  Special (Disabled) Passenger Assistance
  •  Baggage control and acceptance at check-in
  •  Boarding and disembarkation of passengers
  •  Guiding of passengers at airside to avoid danger zones
  •  Passenger and Crew assistance including customs and immigration assistance
  •  Lost and found baggage handling
  •  Supervision of cleaners, dispatch
  •  Cargo Processing arrangement 

 Efficient Passenger Handling Solutions

Our Passenger Handling Services are well poised to provide solutions such as check-in counter services for passengers departing on our client's airlines, providing pre-boarding and post-boarding departure support, as well as arrival assistance.

We are convinced of the fact that we can make a lasting and favourable impression on passengers and invariably, our client airlines. Our staff are well trained and motivated to apply initiative, natural talent and skill in handling customers.

Friendly Passenger Assistance

We take care of your check-in and boarding needs. Respect for cultural differences and speedy response to passenger needs, we ensure that passengers experience ease using our designated airports.


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